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Pleasantville School of 1917

Pleasantville Main Street with horses

Pleasantville, Bedford Conty, Pennsylvania, USA

Schoolhouse in Pleasantville where Alice Maude Watkins attended school.
It burned down in 1977.

Closeup of the children outside the school

Pleasantville Hotel
Side view of Watkins Hotel with children on side steps
Grace, Melba, and Walter Watkins standing on the steps of the Pleasantville Motel

Other side of Pleasantville Hotel

Home of John Watkins in Pleasantville

Poem about Pleasantville, PA

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

JOHN WATKINS FAMILY PHOTOS - Descendants of William Shurden and Dianne (Heck) Barefoot

Janet (Watkins ) Robel, her cousin Diana Davidson Mast White, and Grace Watkins, Janet's sister.  Diana is the contributor of the photos and also the person who identified the persons therein.  If there are mistakes, please make a correction in the comment area.
This is the man who started the Watkins line by marrying Eliza Barefoot and then Mary Catherine Barefoot.  They were both daughters of William Shurden and Dianne (Heck) Barefoot.  William is the son of James and Mary Sleek/Slick Barefoot.
John A. Watkins - young man
John A. Watkins
Eliza Barefoot, first wife of John A. Watkins, p. 99, Barefoot Book

John A. Watkins Civil War Photo (1844 Wales-1921 - Bedford County, PA)

Painting of John A. Watkins - the Englishman

Auntie Bates

Mary Catherine (Barefoot) Watkins, b. 31 July 1849, second wife of John A. Watkins

Em Henderson - only existing picture of my mother's (Mary Margaret Davidson Mast) sister
To the union of John A. Watkins and Mary Catherine (Barefoot) Watkins, these children were born:  William, Ida, Harry, Alice, Bertha, and John M. Watkins.
Bertha Isabelle (Watkins) Kinsley, John M. Watkins, Alice Maude (Watkins) Davidson

Mary Catherine (Barefoot) Watkins, Second wife of John A. Watkins
and a sister to his first wife Eliza (Barefoot) Watkins

Ralph Watkins with mother Lyde Warkins (Sarah Eliza), dog Gacco, Ruth Knisley with unidentified baby in front of her, Alice Davidson, Bertha Knisely.

Bill Hann, Alice Maude Watkins, Bertha Watkins, John M. Watkins

Bill Hann, Alice Maude Watkins, Bertha Watkins, W. J. Davidson

Ida, Alice, and Bertha Watkins
Alice Maude Watkins' high school picture in Pleasantville, PA

Sarah Eliza (Lyde) Watkins - Uncle John's wife

Alma Jones, daughter of Ida Gohn Galvin

Melba Watkins, Daughter of John M. And Sarah Eliza (Hann or Hana) Watkins - sister of  Ralph, Grace, Janet, and Walter Watkins.

Uncle John Watkins

Henry Ford Watkins and Mary Margaret Davidson

John M. Watkins and his son Ralph after a successful hunt.

Left - Arlene holding Jimmie, Ada Barefoot Bowser, Lyde Hahn Watkins.  Sitting - Mary Jane Bowser, Mark Watkins, Mary Jane Barefoot.  Janet (Watkins) Robel in background.

   Blair and Bertha (Watkins) Knisley  
John A Watkins 

Grace Elizabeth (Watkins) Michael , d. 22008

Old Barefoot Reunion postcard from 1934

Lyde Watkins, wife of John M. Watkins

Elsie and John Myers, John M Watkins (son of John A. Watkins) and Unknown woman